A Perfect Romance

Classics Venere-(Venus) and Marte-(Mars) get together in our contemporary time and reminisce about the love story they once shared. They are frozen in time, still young, beautiful, passionate.


They are Gods: Venere, the God of Sensual Love and Marte, the God of War who is fearless. Together they are elegant, royal, formal in their demeanour until they gradually reveal their vulnerability to each other.


Have they changed? Would they have done things differently? Was the transgression of their forbidden love worth it? Do they still love each other?


And who is the beautiful young ninfe who guides the public from the entrance to the site and who then lures in the background?


A Perfect Romance is a site specific show for the family in which both the classical and contemporary meet through word, dance, costume, live music and song all of which is enhanced by the natural backdrop of the space.


Local and International guest artists:  Marisa Buffone; from Italy Aldo Milea and Ilaria actors; Drew Chale and more of o come...


“A Perfect Romance”


July 4-15, 2018

8:00 PM (5:00 PM Sunday’s)


The Italian Cultural Institute 

468 Huron St

Toronto ON


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